Docker on Windows Subsystem for Linux to play with RedHat 8

Ok, so this is kind of long but neat too!

A co-worker asked about using a Docker image for a project he’s working on and I suggested that he use the RedHat 7/8 based “Universal Base Image” that they announced at Summit. (Our company has a large installed base of RedHat, so there is a big advantage being to tap into that internal knowledge.)


If you have a machine with Docker setup, then doing a pull of “” will pull down the RHEL-8 version.

–> $ docker run –rm -it /bin/bash

But I don’t have a Docker system, I only have Windows 10!” No fear, you can install Docker on Windows:


From there you can kick off Docker from PowerShell or the command prompt with the exact same command prompt as shown above.

But I want to do this in a Linux environment on my Windows workstation!”  Use the “Windows Subsystem for Linux” feature of Windows 10:


Here’s a screen shot of a RHEL-8 container running under WSL showing that “yum install …” works as expected:

And here it is running under PowerShell:

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Can RedHat be run on the Windows Subsystem for Linux WITHOUT using Docker? If so, can you update the article with info on to do that.

Is there a RedHat image that can be used to run RedHat in WSL without Docker?

Hi Luis – sorry for not seeing your question earlier.

I don’t believe there is specifically a Red Hat version of WSL, so if you need something that acts and responds exactly as Red Hat Enterprise Linux would then the Docker images are the only option.

The only other way to do this would be to install VirtualBox or VMware Player on your Windows system and install Red Hat in a virtual machine.

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