My case for impeachment

Please vote to find Donald Trump guilty in his impeachment trial.

Through his inflammatory rhetoric and deeply misogynistic words and actions, while President over the four years he was in office, and to end the presidency condoning the attack on the capital through his INACTION, he was by definition NOT to adhere to his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And if the defense is that “he tried” with calming words, then that was “to the best” of his ability and is also derelict of his duties as President and must be found guilty.

As a man who brought two girls into this world, a loving husband, and brother of two strong and amazing women, I am surprised that I have lived as an American for 50 years and thought we were better than this. His public comments about women have left me shaking my head as others have listened on and ignored them for the direction he has been taking our country.

Failing to impeach a person like Donald Trump would set the precedent that they can neglect their oath of office and fail to protect ALL AMERICANS regardless of political leaning, social standing, ethnic background, gender, or the color of their skin. During his time in office, he is on public record in many mediums (Twitter, MAGA rallies, TV interviews, etc.) blatantly dividing our country and failing to live up to the high moral ethics we hold for our President.

Please find Mr. Trump guilty in the upcoming impeachment trial. If you do not, please explain yourself by explaining to me and other voters why you chose to ignore all these public findings against him.

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