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Dan Linder profile photo

I would describe myself as an all-around computer geek and enjoys solving problems for myself, my customers, and my co-workers.

I believe I am a hard worker…

When customers and co-workers need something done, they know that I will work on it until it’s completed or it can’t be done. I have been known to provide solutions well after (or well before) most others’ work hours.

..but also lazy. (In a good way)

When it comes to tasks, my goal is to make the computer do all the work where possible. Do it by hand until the most common options are mapped out, then write a script and automate it. Use the newfound time to monitor the automation and update for potential corner cases.

I love technology in all forms…

I enjoy computers and playing with the latest computer hardware and software. I also enjoy tinkering with microcontrollers like the Arduino to monitor home systems. He is also restoring a classic car that has its own technology from a different generation.

…but I believe that it is the human that makes it all work.

The “3 AM Rule” is one that I keep in mind when designing and providing solutions. It’s a simple rule:

If asked to troubleshoot a solution at 3 AM, can I understand the configuration well enough in a sleep-deprived state to resolve the problem?

I have worked on many projects that used highly complex solutions that took many talented engineers to configure, set up, and support ongoing. A year after the project has been completed and something goes wrong, will the system be down for hours waiting for the one “expert of everything” to be found, or while an entire team with enough collective knowledge is gathered (if possible), or will the on-call engineer be able to pinpoint the root cause of the problem?

And after all, isn’t a functioning solution based on tried and true technology worth more than any business damaging cutting-edge solution?

Specialties: Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian), Solaris, AIX, system administration, Python and Perl, troubleshooting all aspects of IT technology, customer service, interacting with all technical levels.

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