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Experienced professional with extensive engineering experience and strong mentoring skills looking for a challenging and productive environment to enhance and grow teams responsible for systems and infrastructure automation.

I have a strong background in Unix, networking, and IT security in general. I contribute a strong enterprise engineering and development mindset to the teams I work with.  Mentoring and coaching coworkers are strengths noted by my co-workers and managers.


Work within and mentor a team of talented individuals to advance a company’s IT automation, reliability, and agility through a senior engineering or architecture position.


Systems Engineer, TEKSystems / Perspecta

Omaha, NE— April 2021 – Present

Systems engineer on the ITCC-II team focusing on our Automation practices and needs.

Systems Engineer, TEKSystems / Northrop Grumman

Omaha, NE— January 2020 – April 2021

Systems engineer on the SEMS-III engineering team – Engineer on the implementation work for the AFWWEBS weather systems. Mentored junior engineers and interns, provided engineering leadership within the project, and produced project status communications for leadership and the customer. Initiated monthly Automation Guild meetings to promote better automation practices and introduce co-workers to the Ansible tool and promote better automation practices in general.

Senior Automation and Systems Engineer, West Corporation

Omaha, NE— February 2012 – January 2020

As the Senior Automation Engineer on the CI/CD Infrastructure team designed a scalable, enterprise-ready collection of CI/CD tools centered on Ansible Tower as the primary automation system integrated with GitHub, Jenkins, and Artifactory.  I lead the monthly company-wide “Ansible Working Group” user group mentoring business, development, and operations team to address their needs for automation and foster further automation.  Fully automated installation of the base OS configurations for RedHat 6 and 7 systems, upcoming projects will integrate system deployment automation with networking and storage to reduce inconsistencies and free up operations teams for more productive work.

As a Senior Systems Engineer on the Cloud Infrastructure engineering team, I am responsible for the base system configurations of the operating system for all virtual machines built within our private cloud environment.  Responsibilities include documenting and addressing security issues in the base configuration, generating quarterly compliance reports provided to external customers, expanding the available OS versions available, documenting OS lifecycle plans, etc.

Previous roles within West include Systems Architect (2012-2013) and EIT Platform Systems Engineer (2013-2015).


  • West CI/CD Platform – Ansible Tower design and integrations engineer
  • Systems Configuration Management (Ansible) – Architect and primary engineer
  • Growing team collaboration of a mature engineering mindset and handoff process between divisions.
  • Fully automated the production of the base OS images (both virtual templates and ISO) using common off-the-shelf software to reduce the time span between vendor release and initial testing.
  • Maintained and automated numerous systems such as our Splunk log aggregation infrastructure, virtual “Bridge in a Box” cluster in China, Hadoop server deployment, and log file monitoring systems.

Systems Engineer, Maryville Technologies

St. Louis, MO — 2003-2012

Responsibility divided between primary developer for in-house system monitoring and management tool, and as a support engineer for our services line.  Regular on-site with customers for pre and post-sale engineering, installation, and maintenance.

Accomplishments – Senior Developer

  • By carefully working with customers and following good programming methods, I successfully reduced customer support requests by 90% in the first 12 months.
  • Increased performance of the server processing code by rewriting the main processing engine to support multi-tasking. Speed increases were linear with the addition of processor cores with a minimal increase for the RAM requirements.
  • Introduced, implemented, and documented best practices using source code repository as well as automation of patch and full release installation media production.

Accomplishments – Sr. System Engineer

  • Consistently the highest satisfaction rating with our customers, with 95% satisfaction and a 10/10 rating across multiple areas including knowledge, responsiveness, and communication
  • Provide support to customers on numerous products by Hewlett Packard, BMC, CA, and Maryville internal solutions.