Weekly Update


So my weekly blog post updates slipped a bit this week. So, like riding a bike I gotta keep getting back up and trying – soon I’ll get into this habit.

The past weekend was more cleaning up my parents house for an estate sale. We met with a couple of estate sales people, just waiting on their responses. I’m sure that one of them will say the house contents is worth well over $1M. 🙂

I’m trying to consolidate a lot of old computer hard drives so we don’t lose any important documents Mom or Dad might have worked on, but it’s getting pretty challenging to sort them on the fly. It would be great if there was a program that would scan the files and only copy them if they are not duplicates, and use the directory structure to inform the copy/backup process to sort them somewhat intelligently. If anyone has any ideas or software gems to point me to, pass it along in the comments.

Kris went up to visit Jilli over the weekend and had a good time. Saw Faith and John too, plus she got some pet time in with their pets. The flight from Omaha to Rapid City wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting when we bought it. A friend of mine says that Frontier Airlines has Omaha to Denver for less than $100 regularly. Now if we can find a Denver to Rapid City flight for about that, then it would make the trip pretty reasonable.