When precision comes naturally

My wife has some wonderful traits, one of my favorite is her joy of cooking fits well with my joy of eating.  She is also very logical and efficient in her work so it didn’t surprise me that when we had to bake cookies, so she used the recently cleaned kitchen (weekend cleaning spree) to make the job easier.

I entered the kitchen and saw our recently cleaned counter looking like this:

That’s a photo of our kitchen counter with the recipe card laid in the geometric center of the work area.  It struck me as how symmetric it was and I joked about it with my wife.  After looking at it a second time I realized that it was VERY close to the center along both axis of the counter.  So, to satisfy my curiosity I grabbed a tape measure and put my life (and happy marriage) on the line.


I measured the depth of the counter and it was 26″.  I then measured the center of the recipe card and it was exactly 13″ from each edge.

Both my wife and I laughed at this, the precision of the placement even though she had just “laid it down” while she was getting other things ready in the kitchen.



Well, I had gone this far, I might as well measure the other axis.  (If you know my wife, you won’t be surprised with the results.)

Yup, you guessed it.  The width of the working area of the counter is 61″, and the center of the card is just under 30″ from the edge.  While not a perfect 30.5″, we decided that the corner area that wasn’t readily usable for baking, and her intrinsically logical mind accounted for this and the ‘usable center’ of the counter is slightly skewed to the left away from the cluttered end.

The human mind amazes me all the time, and the cookies were great too!

Edit 1: Fixing math.

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